Conference Grant for Early Stage Researchers


As part of the COST strategy for Early Stage Researchers (ESR) the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) has introduced a new support measure, called “Conference Grant for Early Stage Researchers”. The ICT Domain offers 3  supporting grants (max. 3000 Euro each) per year for Early Stage Researchers to participate in an international conference outside of the COST Action activities (COST Strategy for Early Stage Researchers, COST 212/07).

Conditions for Funding:

  1. The definition of the term “Early Stage Researchers” is based on the time that elapses between the date of the PhD/Doctorate (or similar experience) and the date of involvement in the COST Action. If this time span is less than 10 years, a person fits the definition; of course, periods of careers’ leave have to be added to the time span mentioned. Moreover, PhD/Doctorate students are definitely eligible for this support measure.
  2. The applicant has to be part (either of the Management Committee or one of the Working Groups or one of the research teams involved in the Action ) of a running COST Action within the ICT Domain.
  3. The conference under consideration should take place within 9 months from the Call deadline.
  4. The Grant can be used to cover travel and subsistence costs, conference fees, and the costs of conference  workshops. The maximum amount an applicant can request is Euro 3.000.
  5. In order to be eligible for this Grant, an accepted oral contribution at the Conference under consideration is required.
  6. An Early Stage Researcher can–without exceptions–only be funded once under the “Conference Grant for Early Stage Researchers” scheme.

Application Procedure:

Within the ICT Domain there will be three Calls for Conference Grants for Early Stage Researchers per year. The next application deadline is set for: 31.08.2009.

The application for the Grant has to be forwarded via the Chair of the Action's Management Committee to the COST Office. Only one application per year can be submitted by an Action.

The applications must contain the following information:
  • Application form (see attachment) duly completed
  • Short scientific CV (e.g., Europass format)
  • Copy of Abstract/Paper submitted to the Conference
  • Proof of acceptance of Abstract/Paper by the Conference

After an eligibility check by the COST Office, the applications will be forwarded to the Domain Committee’s Executive Group that assesses the proposals and takes the final funding decision on behalf of the Domain Committee. The Management Committee Chairs will then be informed by the COST Office about the outcome of the assessment within a maximum of 1 month.

Selection Criteria:

• What is the benefit for the current research of the Early Stage Researcher?
• How can the event help developing the career of the applicant?
• What is the benefit for the COST Action (if any)?


  1. The Grant is managed by the COST Office as a direct payment to the beneficiary and will be subject to the usual COST reimbursement rules. The successful applicants will receive a Grant letter that they have to sign and return to the COST Office.
  2. Within one month after attending the Conference the beneficiary has to provide the COST Office with a written report on his/her participation to the event.

For any questions related to the application procedure, please contact Ms. Valentina Garoia -
Trainee Science in Society (
Bernhard Beckert,
Aug 26, 2009, 4:00 PM