Venue and Accommodation

Meeting Venue

The meeting will take place at the Computer Science School (Facultad de Informática) of the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM).

The CS School is located on the outskirts of Madrid. The best way to reach it from the city center is to take the metro line 10 to Colonia Jardín and change onto bus 591. The last stop of the bus is directly on campus. Alternatively, it is possible to take the light rail ML3 from Colonia Jardín to Montepríncipe, and then walk for 10-15 minutes.

From the Airport

Take metro line number 8 (pink color) towards the city center and change at Nuevos Ministerios (last stop of line 8). From there take another line depending on your destination (e.g., line 10). You need a special metro ticket to/from the airport (2€ instead of 1€).


A taxi to the venue from the city center should be around 20-25€ and takes around half an hour (depending on where you pick it up), and 40-50€ from the airport, which should take around 30 minutes. Please note the COST rules on taxis: Taxi fares are limited to EUR 40 in total for the entire trip. Receipts are always required. They shall only be reimbursed where no reasonable public transport is available.


With inquiries contact An emergency phone number has been sent out via email. UPM provides wifi access in the context of eduroam. We recommend participants to check whether their institution is part of the network. We will also try to set up dedicated wifi access for the meeting.

Hotel Suggestions

Hotels in the city center

Any part of the city center with easy access to Line 10 of the Metro is OK. Most of the city center has relatively easy access to Line 10, either on foot or maybe with one change.

Reasonably priced hotels with nice location in the city center are:
Alternatively you can use a service like and search for a hotel close to Plaza de España (metro station).

Two cheap hostels with nice locations are:

Hotels close to the meeting venue

The district Ciudad de la Imagen is located near the UPM and at the same time with easy access to the city center by light rail and metro. The following hotel is reasonably priced:
If you are staying at the I-Hotel, the closest light rail station is Ciudad del Cine (see overview map above). From there you can take ML3 to Montepríncipe (UPM) or to Colonia Jardín (if you want to go to the city). It is also possible to take buses 571 and 573 from ? to Av Montepríncipe, which is even closer to UPM.
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