The DISCOTEC Accommodation page is now on-line. Via that page, you have the possibility to book one of the following hotels at a reduced rate. The reduced rates are guaranteed for bookings before May 18, 2009.

To make a booking, please use the DISCOTEC registration form. If you want to book a hotel room without registering for any of the other DISCOTECT events (besides the COST Action workshop), then please fill in your personal details and, without selecting any event, move on to the accommodation booking page by clicking the button at the bottom of the form's 1st page.

Radisson SAS is the closest hotel to the meeting venue.

Prices include breakfast.

Hotel Radisson  **** (Info)    
      Single Room   87,00
      Double Room   100,00
Hotel Villa Rica  **** (Info)    
      Single Room   86,00
      Double Room   96,00
Hotel Marriott  **** (Info)    
      Single Room   80,00
      Double Room   95,00
Hotel Sana Metropolitan  **** (Info)    
      Single Room   76,00
      Double Room   82,00
Hotel Berna  *** (Info)    
      Single Room   61,50
      Double Room   68,50
Hotel Zurique  ***    
      Double room   68,00
      Single room   61,00