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What you can claim

In order to claim reimbursement, you need to fill out the reimbursement form and submit it together with copies of all relevant receipts. Relevant are all long-distance travel receipts. NOT relevant are: hotel receipts, public local transport, and meals. E-tickets are to be submitted as email printout.

Accommodation is reimbursed at a fixed rate of 120 EUR per night. Meals are no longer reimbursed per decision of the Management Committee. Rules for reimbursement of taxi fares are very strict. A very short document with the current COST rules on reimbursement is attached to this page below. Please consult it when in doubt.

If you are claiming reimbursement condition to available funds please make sure to submit a claim in any case.

How to submit the claim

Your reimbursement will be handled by the Action Grant Holder (i.e., University of Koblenz). Please do NOT submit your reimbursement claims to the COST office. It is also NOT helpful to register in the Database. Please direct ALL questions on reimbursement to Vladimir Klebanov.

Your possibilities to submit the claim are twofold:

1. If you have all relevant receipts on hand during the meeting you can hand them over (in copy) together with the filled out form to Vladimir Klebanov.

2. If you do not have all relevant receipts at the meeting, please mail them (in copy) together with the form in one complete package to

Vladimir Klebanov
Institut für Informatik
Universitätsstr. 1
56070 Koblenz

The deadline for sending in claims is July 5th 2009.
Vladimir Klebanov,
Jun 2, 2009, 7:42 AM