Meeting Venue

For a printable version see the PDF file attached at the bottom.

The 1st WG/MC meeting takes place at:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
EDIT Building, Rännvägen 6B
Lecture Hall EA

Public Transport

The stop closest to the main entrace is "Chalmers".
This stop is reachable by trams # 6,7,8,10,13 and bus #16.
Public transport travel planner:

To Chalmers Main Entrance from Hotel Poseidon

Follow this map from "A" to "B" (10 -15 minutes)
or take bus No. 16 from Vasaplatsen to Chalmers Main Entrance.

From Chalmers Main Entrance to Meeting Venue

  1. See map below
  2. The tram/bus stop "Chalmers" is right at the main entrance
  3. Enter campus beneath the big "CHALMERS" lettering (do not enter any buildings yet)
  4. Turn left and and go up the outdoor stairs ("Olgas Trappor")
  5. Proceed up to a huge ship propeller (little red twirl on the map)
  6. Turn right onto "Rännvägen"
  7. Proceed to the EDIT building (aka D&IT building)
  8. Use the indicated entrance, the one at Rännvägen 6B
  9. In the building follow signs or see information below
The building can be confusing when you visit it for the first time. If you are in danger to get 
lost call: xxx

Campus Map

In the building

  1. See the map below
  2. Enter by the indicated entrance
  3. Take the lift to 4S
  4. Exit lift and continue in the same general direction to the Lecture Hall EA

Vladimir Klebanov,
May 23, 2008, 2:47 PM